Australian Rainforest Plants volumes I – VI
~ In the Forest & in the Garden

Authors: Nan & Hugh Nicholson (Nan author, Hugh photographer)

The six volumes of Australian Rainforest Plants by Nan and Hugh Nicholson provide an attractive and easily understood reference for gardeners, students, farmers, botanists and other plant lovers. 

Each book contains over 100 species of rainforest trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers and epiphytes. Each species’ appearance, distribution and behaviour in the wild are described, as well as its use in the garden.

Further information is provided on edibility by humans and other organisms, Aboriginal usage and suitability for timber or rainforest regeneration.

A superb colour photo  illustrates the identifying features of each plant.

Additional subjects covered in the series include: Gardening with Rainforest Plants (Book I), Growing a Rainforest, and Weeds (Book II), Rainforest Types (Book III), Disturbing Rainforests (Book IV), Rainforest Seeds and their Propagation (Book V), and the Right Rainforest (Book VI).

The books continue to be revised and reprinted and the first book has been continually in print since 1985. Many readers say these books have been their “bible” for information about Australian rainforests.

72 pages, dimensions 235 mm X 165 mm.

Click here to download the index of scientific and common names for all 6 volumes.

Price:  AUD $20 each or $110 for complete set I-VI.  Available as ebook pdf’s or paperback (postage free within Australia)

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Rainforest Plants of Australia ~ Digital Identification Key (USB)
Rockhampton to southern Victoria

Authors: Botanists Gwen Harden, Bill McDonald, Nan Nicholson and photographer Hugh Nicholson.  Terry Tame and John Williams also contributed.

This interactive digital key enables rapid identification of rainforest plants of Australia (Rockhampton to southern Victoria), covering 1140 species and including extensive information about eastern Australian rainforests.

It is a user-friendly digital system, using Lucid 3.5 technology, provided on a key-shaped USB in a DVD-sized package. Over 12,000 photographs are included.

The key is based on updated and expanded information from the “Red Book” Rainforest Trees & Shrubs, and the “Green Book” Rainforest Climbing Plants, both by Gwen Harden, Bill McDonald and John Williams.  Nan and Hugh Nicholson are author and photographer of Australian Rainforest Plants I-VI.

It is the combination of expertise and enthusiasm for rainforests that makes this key not only exceptionally thorough and accurate but a thing of beauty and a joy to use. It has been 13 years in the making.

Price: Web price AUD $50 (includes postage in Australia)

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Rainforest Trees of Mainland South-eastern Australia 

Author: Alex Floyd

Rainforest Trees of Mainland South-eastern Australia is a comprehensive reference to all 402 rainforest tree species in Victoria and New South Wales, including some in south-east Queensland. 

Every species is illustrated with a detailed line drawing and its habit, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, habitat and distribution are all detailed.

This book has been an indispensable text reference since its first printing in 1989.  This long-awaited second edition has been fully updated with new species, name changes and additional distributions.

443 pages, dimensions 255 mm x 175 mm

Price: AUD $75 (includes postage in Australia)

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